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Below is a factual comparison between our Optimum 9200A (2nd Gen) model and a lower quality blender in the market dated 27/1/2016. This comparison has been thoroughly conducted, reviewing the key components of both blenders. We have respect for our competitors: the below information is a comparison of the parts that make up the blender, aimed at promoting customer awareness, enabling you to make a better advised choice.

Material Comparison

lower quality blender

Optimum 9200A (2nd Generation)

Weight difference

Optimum machine more stable and use premium quality material to manufacture

Blender jug weight difference

Optimum use high quality BPA free Tritan co-polyester with 109C deflection temperature.

Optimum - Transparent jug – can see real colour of the blending content
Other - tinted jug
Optimum - Superior handle design allows for comfort use in all situations, perfect for high volume use.
Other - Standard injection moulded plastic handle, low cost and uncomfortable for high volume use..

Blade assembly

Optimum use high quality SUS420 stainless steel.
Cheap brands Partial stainless steel construction with mild steel fixings..
Optimum use stainless steel
Other - Partial stainless steel construction with mild steel fixings.
Optimum – NMB bearings - higher cost and longer life construction to minimize wear and stop rust, advanced rubber seal for watertight operation
Other - Low cost with short life of blade assembly, any water not cleaned from bearing will cause it to seize.
Optimum use stainless steel washer with square fitting. It will hold the knives properly and avoid blades becoming loose after sometime
Other – have no such a construction

Power cord

Optimum use .075mm high quality power cord – more durable
Other- low quality
Optimum – properly vulcanized.
Other brands - bad vulcanizing and power cord had been stretched.
Optimum – power cord will not stretch out easily (plastic cordgrip clamp used) and has space to wind when not in use.
Other cheaper brands – could stretch easily and no space to wrap the power cord


Optimum- has top rubber mount to absorb vibration.
Other - no rubber mounts
Optimum has a bigger motor.
Optimum- has EMC board installed as per AU/NZ compliance requirement.
Other cheap models- no EMC filters

Housing screws

Optimum use stainless steel screws
Cheap brands – use metal screw

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