"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY lasts the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

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Froothie’s adventure started with a small Australian company promoting and supplying healthy fruits, vegetables and equipment to cafes and juice bars in Australia, encouraging them to promote healthier drinks called ‘’Froothie’’ - playing on the ‘’Smoothie’’ name.

From there quickly this small idea developed into an obsession on promoting healthy eating in general - not only occasionally, and quickly strong associations developed including a strategic exclusive partnership with the globally recognised Australian Vortex blender and juicer supplier: Optimum Appliances, in order to promote healthy eating and drinking in every household.

Today, our mission is simple and clear: Helping people lead a healthier life style whilst promoting our exclusive range Optimum. We share our knowledge and information for healthy living through Workshops, YouTube Videos, our New Blog, Various Media Outlets and Strategic Partners in Australia and abroad.

The New Optimum Appliances Range www.optimum-apliances.com

The Optimum Vortex blenders are recognised as one of the leading global brands for durable high speed Vortex blenders for both domestic and commercial use. The Optimum 9400 has gained international praise from chefs and food enthusiasts as a great-quality product for making not only smoothies and juices, but a range of functions including heating, freezing, kneading, grinding, chopping, slicing, mixing and more.

The Optimum cold press juicer range have followed suit in gaining praise around the world for quality and performance. The Optimum 400 juicer was rated #1 in the UK by T3 Magazine, and the new Optimum 600 is a patented slow juicer, revolutionising the industry by juicing whole fruits and vegetables without the need to chop ingredients.


The success of the Optimum  Vortex blenders and juicers has led to a major shift by Froothie into the domestic health food industry, with great success in expanding globally and establishing offices around the world. All appliances are covered by Froothie’s incomparable warranty and a 24/7 support team for any urgent inquiries.

The current growth in healthy living has also led to Froothie's very own Online Health Store. The difficulty in finding quality raw organic foods as well as super-foods, and the inflated price of such products is the reason why Froothie has joined forces with a wide range of growers and suppliers to bring you the best raw, organic nutritious foods under one umbrella, and at the lowest prices, Your One-Stop-Shop for healthy eating!


At Froothie, we not only offer quality juicers and equipment for commercial use, but we bring our experts to help you choose the best machine for your business.

Particular models in the Optimum Appliance range are specially designed for busy juice bars and cafes thanks to effective space saving designs, heavy duty mixing capabilities and high quality sound-proof housing.

The six blade design in the Optimum range are made by Japanese steel material, tough and durable and will never rust. The blades are a multipurpose assemblage conveniently allowing both wet and dry ingredients with both ease and efficiency.

Froothie’s Optimum appliances can be found in national chains, such as Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Coffee Club, Wendy’s and more. Additionally, Froothie offers a nationwide comprehensive warranty with 24/7 priority customer support and service to our clients. Our service centers ensure complete coverage, so your business doesn’t miss a blended drink.

Froothie is dedicated to supplying top-quality appliances and customer service. Contact us today for more information


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Froothie Australia

Proud distributors of the Optimum range of appliances in Australia.

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