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Five Healthy and BBQ-Friendly Smoothies That Your Guests Will Love

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Barbecues are a great way to get the family or a large group of friends together. As you sit around the grill, you're doing more than just sharing a meal, trading stories and enjoying each other’s company. Most of the times, the bond that you're building will last forever. Discussing work-related stuff is also strictly forbidden while grilling, meaning that you'll finally have a chance to think of something else.

The perfect party, though, doesn't only boil down to elaborate menus and solid entertainment. Just like it would for anything else, being innovative will also pay off. This is why, in today's article, we decided to show you five amazing smoothies that the guests at your next social gathering will no doubt go crazy for!

Are you one of those people who believe that spit-roasted food and fruity beverages shouldn't mix? Stick with us and we'll be happy to change your mind. Variety is the spice of life; wise people would say: it is time to try something that you wouldn't have done yesterday!

Chocolate Matcha Latte

  1. Have you ever been to the northern part of Italy? When the temperature drops below zero and the cold starts seeping through even the heaviest of clothing, most Italians would die to get their hands on some Cioccolata Calda. Thick and sweet, this hot beverage quite literally tastes like happiness in a cup.In a similar fashion, the first smoothie on our list has the power to quench your cravings for dessert on a hot summer day. Made out of Matcha tea, cocoa powder, and rice milk, the Chocolate Matcha Latte will please your tongue without being too heavy on the tummy.Half an avocado and a couple of dates give it a creamy texture, while bananas and Swiss chard provide you with all of the nutrients to get through the day.chocolate-matcha-latte-smoothi

Green Golden Berry Blend

  1. Berries are one of Mother Nature's many double-edged swords. Some of these plump fruits contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins, others have the power to nuke your stomach from the inside.This list's beverage number two, the Green Golden Berry Blend, is perfect when you feel tired and could use a little pick-me-up! It is also great for kids that can't manage to eat enough fruit. Unfortunately, if you want to follow the recipe, you'll need a to get a hold of some rather rare ingredients first.The results are well worth the hassle, though. Golden berries, pineapple, pear, and camu camu perfectly mix to create a smoothie that is extremely rich in both fibers in vitamins. The perfect, smooth texture with zero oxidation and maximum nutrient intake can be achieved with Froothie’s Optimum VAC2 Vortex Vacuum Blender - a truly revolutionary appliance set to pave the future for the blender industry. Sprinkle some cashews on top and you'll be able to serve a full and balanced meal in a glass!

Strawberry Carrot Creamsicle

  1. Are you afraid that your friends might not like berries but you still want to serve them a drink that is packed with nutrients? No need to panic, we got you covered! As its name suggests. the third item on our list features more common fruits that are just as tasty as the ones we saw before.The Strawberry Carrot Creamsicle is a low calories smoothie that perfectly accompanies a light meal. Carrots, bananas, and strawberries seem to be a match made in heaven. These ingredients contain potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta carotene; all vital to keep your body healthy and functional. Additionally, their naturally sweet taste lets you part ways with sugar or other dangerous sweeteners.If you want to take the recipe one step further, hemp seeds can also be added to the mix. The smoothie will suddenly acquire a crunchy texture that is guaranteed to leave your peers pleasantly satisfied!Strawberry Carrot Creamsicle

Creamy Rhubarb

  1. With its orangey flavor and a hint of walnuts, many would consider this smoothie the perfect representation of the first days of winter. Instead, the Creamy Rhubarb always looks and feels great; regardless of the season you're in!As rich in shades as a cake, this recipe only contains a quarter of the calories that you would find in its counterpart. The taste of rhubarb and grapes can be further enhanced with a tablespoon of acai berry powder.The final result is a sweet dessert that is easy to make, tasty, and extremely light to drink. This one quickly becomes a favorite among those who try it!Creamy Rhubarb

Calming Apricot Chamomile

  1. Sometimes, barbecues provide the perfect chance to catch a breather while you watch the sun set on yet another extremely stressing day. The last smoothie we chose for this article - known as Calming Apricot Chamomile - was designed to help your body and your mind achieve just that.Thanks to the elements contained in both chamomile and flaxseed, a few sips of this mixture will encourage your muscles to loosen up. Stiffening will slowly turn into a distant memory, while the taste of apricots and honeydew further lull your entire body into a pleasant torpor.The perfect companion for all people living a hectic life, this smoothie is also particularly suited for those who're trying to keep their caloric intake under control. Primarily made out of vegetables and flowers, each serving of this beverage only packs a mere 68 kcal!If you want to blend for yourself or for two persons, you can use a personal, compact blender and try the Optimum NutriForce Extractor, that has both a 450L and a 1L jug. However, if you have a bigger crowd coming over to your barbecue, a 2L container would be perfect – you can use the 2L BPA-Free jug that comes with the Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series.Calming Apricot Chamomile

A Final Note About Smoothies

  1. If you reached the end of today's post, adding an unusual beverage to your barbecue is an idea that clearly doesn't bother you. With plenty of possibilities to choose from, you might be wondering why smoothies remain the most suitable one.Especially in the summer, hot and windy days are much more dangerous than what you think. As the human body sweats, huge amounts of water and essential nutrients also go to waste. Downing a cold beer will keep your mouth cool, but won't really give you the tools to enjoy the sun for longer periods of time.Fruit- and vegetable-based smoothies, on the contrary, contain plenty of water, vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances. With their low energy value and the great taste, these beverages are going to be your most valuable ally throughout the holidays!

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