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Dehydrator FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about Optimum dehydrator.

  • Why is the Optimum Dehydrator better that the other dehydrators, especially cheaper ones?

    The Optimum P200 Dehydrator is available in both a 6- and 10-tray version, which allows users to dehydrate larger portions.The Optimum trays are dark coloured to ensure maximum nutrient preservations, since most food enzymes and nutrients are light sensitive. Optimum trays are also dishwasher safe, which is uncommon with cheaper brands.

  • Can I dehydrate all types of foods?

    Almost all fruits and most vegetables, meats, fish and herbs and some dairy products can be dehydrated. Dried produce available at the grocery store can essentially be dried with a dehydrator, such as dried apricots, pineapple, peaches, prunes, pears, dates, garlic, onion, peppers, spices, raisins, meats, fish and more. You can even make fruit leathers and even crackers. A full drying guide for the Optimum P200 is available in the manual on page 7 – 9.

  • Will the Optimum Dehydrator protect itself from overheating? Does the temperature remain consistent all the time?

    The Optimum P200 Dehydrator will not overheat due to the unique digital timer that allows users to customize the food drying process. Program times are available between 1 and 40 hours. The timer function allows the dehydrator to safely switch off into the standby mode once a program is complete.

  • How should fruits and vegetables be stored once dried?

    Dried foods should be allowed to cool before being sealed in an airtight container to prevent the formation of condensation and ensure the produce has the longest possible shelf life.
    When properly used, vacuum-sealed bags provide ideal storage. The less air present, the less potential for the formation of bacteria and micro-organisms. Stored foods should be checked monthly for bacteria, insects and mould. If any mould is detected, it is best to dispose of the produce and ensure that you check your dehydration processing times and use a clean, dry container in future to prevent this occurring.

  • What drying system is best for dehydrators?

    The horizontal Parallax dehydrators is considered the best for drying since they are rectangular-shaped boxes with 4- 12 trays that slide in and out. The fans are located at the back of the unit to blow air “horizontally” across the trays, creating a much more efficient airflow and heating procedure. Vertical designs, which have heaters located at the bottom of the unit, create uneven heating between the bottom and top of the units.

  • Does the P200 Dehydrator have a door?

    No, the Optimum P200 doesn’t have a door. Once all trays have been pushed in place this creates a seal. The Optimum P200 Dehydrator can still be used without the door to make yoghurts and breads.

  • What is the importance of dried food for our health?

    There are numerous health benefits associated with dehydrated foods, including concentrated taste, retention of valuable vitamins and minerals and no preservatives, additives or chemicals.

  • Is the electricity used a lot? Is my electricity bill going to be high?

    Dehydrating food yourself costs a lot less than buying dehydrated foods from the store. Dehydrating food for long periods of time is a cost-effective process.

  • My dehydrator is making a funny noise. What do I do?

    Please ensure that you have removed unused the mesh and non-stick sheets from the dehydrator. Please take a short video of the noise coming from the dehydrator and contact our 24/7 Warranty & Support team at www.froothiesupport.com.

  • What are the non-stick/mesh sheets used for?

    The Optimum non-stick sheets allow users to create dried foods from wet ingredients, such as fruit roll-ups. The mesh sheets allows users to dry smaller items, such as raspberries, grapes or cherries, without the food slipping through the tray. The non-stick and mesh sheets are reusable. Simply wash them in warm water and leave out to air dry.

    Additional 5-pack sheets are available to be purchased on the product accessories page at http://www.froothie.com.au/store/product-accessories/

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