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"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.


What is Froothie?

Froothie’s adventure started with a small Australian company promoting and supplying healthy fruits, vegetables and equipment to cafes and juice bars in Australia, encouraging them to promote a healthier drink called a ‘’Froothie’’ - playing on the ‘’Smoothie’’ name.

From there, this small idea quickly developed into an obsession on promoting healthy eating in general - not only occasionally – and strong partnerships began to form, including an exclusive relationship with the globally-recognised Australian Vortex blender and juicer supplier, Optimum Appliances.

Today, Froothie’s mission is simple and clear: Helping people lead a healthier lifestyle whilst promoting the exclusive range of Optimum Appliances. We share our knowledge and information for healthy living through workshops, YouTube videos, blog, media outlets and through strategic partnerships in Australia and abroad. Froothie now have a presence in over 25 countries worldwide.

What is Optimum Appliances?

Optimum Appliances is a range of innovative and award-winning appliances that are leading the industry in quality, performance and design. The Optimum range includes high-powered blenders and cold press juicers focused on two key aspects – quality and Performance. Optimum uses durable parts for all high-speed blenders and cold pressed juicers and has built the world’s fastest and most powerful motor for high-speed blenders. Each part used in every appliance is assembled to perfection using the highest-quality material available.

Optimum’s strong focus on quality and durability has meant that each appliance is manufactured with precision. Testing is conducted at numerous stages to achieve product certification and accreditation as outlined within Quality Control Standard, please click here. Optimum are committed to establishing a range of products of which highlight a modern sense of design for a greater appeal to consumers.

Optimum is a globally established brand, with a strong presence in juice bars, cafes and households throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, United States and Europe.

What payment method can I use?

Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal or a bank transfer.If you choose to pay via bank transfer, please place the order on the website, select “bank transfer” and complete the order. The bank details will appear on the screen in order to make the transfer. Please use the order number and your username as the reference so our accounting department can match the payment to the order.

If you are having any troubles making your order please call our Support team on 1300 309 900.

Do you have a payment plan or Laybuy?

Froothie uses a Laybuy system that makes it easy for you to buy the products and services that you need by providing a payment schedule with up to six monthly payments.

The Laybuy system can be accessed during checkout by selecting the deposit amount you wish to pay (between 20 – 50 precent of the cost) and how many months you wish the Laybuy to run for (between 1 – 6 months). A 0.9 percent layby fee will be added to the initial deposit.

Payments are deducted monthly with the option to pay the laybuy in full by calling the support team at 1300 309 900. Customers who cancel the laybuy plan will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Please note that your order will be dispatched once the laybuy has been paid in full. To review the full terms and conditions, visit http://www.froothie.com.au/lay-buy/

I want to become a reseller or affiliate. How do I apply?

Froothie offers unique partnership options for resellers and affiliates. To register, visit http://www.froothie.com.au/distributor-registration/ Resellers in Australia will need a valid ABN to apply.

What is the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee?

Froothie offers a unique 30-day money back guarantee on all products. The 30-day money back guarantee starts the day that you pick up or the appliance is delivered. Terms and conditions include:

  1. All original packaging, including brown shipping carton must be retained to be eligible for this complete offer (i.e. as the product arrived on your doorstep it must be returned to us for 100% refund);
  2. Froothie will not provide additional packaging for lost or damaged original packaging, if original packaging has been discarded customer must supply adequate packaging to safely return the appliance;
  3. Any product returned without original packaging will still be accepted however postage costs to and from customer cannot be refunded, only the product cost less return cost of $19;
  4. The product should be reasonably clean and free of any scuffs or marks;
  5. There should be no damage present to the machine, internal or external;
  6. On return the appliance must operate in the same manner as intended and not have been opened and/or modified in any way from its original specification unless notified previously;
  7. Any machine that is customer-damaged cannot be accepted and will not be refunded;
  8. Any product returned in unsuitable condition will incur costs of $19 freight to be returned to the customer, this is payable before the product is returned and no refund will be given;
  9. Any appliance returned under this guarantee should be returned, in full, with no missing parts;
  10. Appliances returned with missing parts or accessories (e.g. a blender returned without a tamper or lid) will have the part replaced with a brand new one and the full retail value of the item as indicated on the Froothie Website(s) deducted from the refund amount;
  11. Froothie cannot accept any missing parts returned separately if they have been forgotten, regardless of whether or not the customer offers to pay the postage for the missing part returns are only processed once receipted and cannot be revisited;
  12. Return postage process requires customer to take the packaged product back to their local post office to lodge the return, this is the only way return postage is paid for by Froothie;
  13. Collection by courier is unable to be arranged from customers location; if customers require this service it will be entirely at their own cost using their own provider;
  14. Froothie will bear the cost of the return of the product to its warehouse or service agent in-line with conditions 12 and 13 of these terms and conditions;
  15. This guarantee is not transferable beyond the exceptions listed in the Australian Consumer Law Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010;
  16. This guarantee does not imply, intend to or detract any consumer rights listed in and able to be enforced from Australian Consumer Law Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, any condition which is found to be in breach of the consumer law, the single condition shall be void only and all other conditions remain in place.
  17. By taking up Froothie`s offer and purchasing a product covered by this guarantee the customer automatically agrees to their rights and obligations if desiring to claim under this guarantee.

How do I register my warranty?

Please register your warranty online at:

Where can I find the official warranty conditions for my appliance?

The Warranty Terms and Conditions will be included in the box with all appliances. The terms and conditions can also be found online at http://www.froothie.com.au/warranty-registration/

I have a warranty issue. What do I do?

Should you ever have a warranty claim or concern regarding your appliance, please contact our 24/7 Repairs and Warranty department at www.froothiesupport.com

I don’t reside in Australia, so where can I purchase an Optimum Appliance?

Please go to www.froothieinternational.com and choose your home country. Should your country not have a website, please order at www.froothie.eu

I’m setting up a juice and/or smoothie bar. How can Froothie help?

Froothie can assist with all aspects of owning and operating a juice bar. The most popular services we provide are:

  • Business Plan Services
  • Recommending Equipment and Suppliers
  • Customized Menu Creation
  • Owner / Manager Training & Onsite Consultations
  • Over the phone advice and more.
Further details can be found at http://www.froothie.com.au/about-juice-bars/. If you would like to request a quote for such services, please email sales@froothie.com.au

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