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HealthyFry Air Fryer vs TEFAL Actifry Express


Optimum HealthyFry AirFryer vs. Tefal Actifry Express AirFryer

The Tefal Actifry Express XL and the Optimum HealthyFry are both well known by consumers looking to enjoy their favourite fried foods without sacrificing their healthy diet. Both airfryers use rapid hot air circulation to cook ingredients from all sides without having to use oil like in traditional frying.

In actual head-to-head comparison reviews, the Optimum HealthyFry and the Tefal Actifry Express XL show a number of similarities. Both have 1,400-watt motors, timers, automatic shut-off safety features, and are made of dishwasher-safe parts.

Both appliances also differ is some key ways. Tefal’s fryer has a smaller capacity of 1.5 litre compared to the Optimum’s very generous 2.5 litres. Despite its large capacity, the HealthyFry is also more compact in size taking less of your precious kitchen real estate. The Actifry comes with a paddle that stirs the ingredients as they cook while the HealthyFry offers several functions (Fry, Grill, Roast, and Bake) for easy cooking.

Optimum is a proven world-class supplier of home appliances and all its products are covered by its renowned warranty. The Optimum HealthyFry is no exception and it comes with a standard 1-year warranty. The Tefal Actifry Express XL also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Below is a factual comparison between the HealthyFry AirFryer and TEFAL Actifry Express

  HealthyFry AirFryer   TEFAL Actifry Express
Power:   1400 W   1400 W
Voltage:   220-240 V   Not mentioned
Capacity:   2.5 L   1.5 L
Functions:   Fry, Grill, Roast and Bake   Not mentioned
Display:   Digital screen   Digital screen
Weight:   5.45 kg   4.08 Kg
Dimension:   310 x 270 x 326 mm   391 x 391 x 260 mm
Time and temperature control:   Yes   Yes
Preset functions:   Yes   Yes
Timer:   Up to 60 minutes   Not mentioned
Material:   Plastic with touch screen interface   Plastic
Inclusion:   Baking pan and instruction manual   Recipe book & App
Dishwasher-safe parts:   Yes   Yes
Safety feature:   Yes   Yes
Warranty:   12 Months Domestic   2 years
Price   RRP : $259 LIMITED TIME OFFER : $139   $249 (as per betta.com.au)

Please note competitor prices are subject to change. The above prices were found online at 18.05.2018.

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Product Reviews

Easy to use. Works like a charm. Never had a problem with it. Easy to clean. Easy to store. Worth every penny. Plus it's healthy cooking to boot. Mostly no added oil or fat.
Healthy cooking just got easier and more delicious! Honestly, you will never find a substitute for deep fried chips or anything cooked in oil, but the air fryer comes in a close second!
Garlic prawns, ribs, stir fries, chips, chicken, steak. The list goes on. I have recommended it and 3 friends have since purchased one.
It had replace my oven for daily use, much quicker. I've roasted chicken and veggies in 35 minutes, bake sausage rolls in 10 minutes and tried many things.
Originally bought it to reduce the oil in my kids food and reduce a bit of the guilt for that lazy night when the have nuggets with their dinner. It has however proven to be really versatile and we use it for super crisp spring rolls and I even did lamb cutlets in it that turned out amazing.
Blah Blah
This thing is amazing. Hands down my favorite appliance ever. From frozen to ready for the plate in 10 minutes for most oven chips/fries/wedges. Homemade nuggets in 10 minutes. Mini pies in 10 minutes. Roast potatoes in 25 minutes.

HealthyFry Air Fryer vs TEFAL Actifry Express

rrp : $259

The HealthyFry AirFryer is the ultimate appliance for preparing healthy meals. Its versatile functions allow you to fry, grill, roast or bake a variety of dishes with the unique Rapid Air technology.

Less oil, same great taste The HealthyFry AirFryer Rapid Air pressure-cooking technology seals in the natural juices from the food, allowing you to use less oil to get that fried food taste without the fried calories.

Fast and efficient The HealthyFry AirFryer heats food from all sides providing more even heat distribution and speedier cooking. Your meals will be done quicker and tastier, saving you time and your kitchen’s energy without compromising quality.

Safety first Pressure frying food in the HealthyFry AirFryer is safer than using a conventional deep fryer. The Rapid Air technology allows food to be fried evenly at a lower temperature.

The HealthyFry AirFryer will save you ingredients, time and energy all while producing a high quality, healthier meal for you and your friends & family.


POWER: 1400 W
VOLTAGE: 220-240 V
FUNCTIONS: Fry, Grill, Roast and Bake
DISPLAY: Digital screen
COOKING BASKET MATERIAL: Aluminium and non-stick coating
INCLUSIONS: Baking pan and instruction manual
DIMENSIONS: 310 x 270 x 326 mm
WEIGHT: 5.45 kg

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RRP : $259





Crispy homemade fries, potato wedges and cubes


Succulent and tender steaks, pork chops, drumsticks and more


Delicious and healthy grilled fish meat and vegetables


Quick and easy cakes, muffins, quiche and snacks

  • Introduction

    Rapid Air Technology

    The HealthyFry AirFryer will quickly become your go-to home appliance, allowing you to fry, grill, roast or bake your favourite ingredients and snacks in a healthier, more nutritious method. Enjoy doubling up your HealthyFry AirFryer as an oven, baking delicate dishes such as cakes and quiches, or making comfort foods such as fries and fritters healthier. The technology behind HealthyFry AirFryer features hot air circulation (Rapid Air) to ensure that ingredients are heated evenly from all sides of the appliance. You will be able to prepare fried foods with no oil, while maintaining the delicious taste and texture of conventional fried foods.

    Simple and efficient, the HealthyFry AirFryer allows you to easily customise and control the time and temperature to suit your cooking needs. Additionally, the appliance is designed with a smart auto shut-off function that turns off the heating element upon removal of the cooking basket to ensure your safety. Now you can enjoy your favourite dishes with peace of mind at the mere touch of a button – it really is that easy!

  • Our Promise

    Of course, your relationship with us doesn’t end when you buy your HealthyFry AirFryer. It might be simple to operate, but your HealthyFry AirFryer is a sophisticated piece of machinery. That means you’ll want ongoing support and advice to help you make the most of it.

    That’s why we make sure our Froothie support team is only ever a phone call away.

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