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Juice Bars And Cafes

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Working hand in hand with Australia's most experienced juice bar suppliers, Froothie has developed a unique system to help juice bars establish their business and increase their smoothie sales. Below is a summary of how we achieve this:

Our Fruit:

Existing juice bars will always seek better quality fruits at competitive prices, and Froothie provides just that. We have worked tirelessly to ensure all our suppliers adhere to our quality standards, and our buying power has allowed us the ability to provide the best prices in the market.

Our Advertising Material:

In a very short amount of time Froothie has managed to grow its brand nationally and develop a very loyal customer base able to compete with the dominance currently exerted by Boost juice. As a juice bar, you have the option of including our brand name as well as our range of advertising material to help increase your sales.

Our Experience:

The Froothie Team's decades of experience in setting up some of Australia's largest franchises is going to prove crucial in helping you grow and adapt to today's market. We will provide advice and support regarding the design of your shop, your marketing approach, the smoothie recipes you use as well as a range of other factors crucial in owning a successful juice bar. Click here for more details on the services we offer.

Wanting to Start your own Juice Bar?
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