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"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

dehydrator P200 Reviews

Reviews for dehydrator P200
Independent Expert Reviews from reputable food experts, nutritionists, magazines and respected product review agencies
Christine Bailey
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Choclette Cacao from ‘Tin and Thyme’
"My Optimum P200 Dehydrator has six trays, but a ten tray model is also available. The trays are quite roomy, measuring 34.5cm x 4.5cm x 37cm. I haven’t yet managed to fill all six of them, so I think this six-tray model will do for now. The trays are light to carry, easy to clean and are also dishwasher safe, if that’s your bag.

I’m quite keen on trying to make fruit leather. A friend had a go once, but as she didn’t have a dehydrator, it was very soft and very sticky. The Optimum P200 Dehydrator comes with two non-stick sheets for this very purpose. It also includes two mesh sheets for finer material or for keeping leaves flat. I tried using one on top of my nettle leaves in one tray; it worked well and they all came out nicely flat...To read more Click here."


Food loving vegetarian blogger with a sweet tooth but eating a lot of healthy stuff too. Experimenting with unusual foodstuffs and creating recipes are two of my food passions. I specialise in recipes that have some sort of chocolate element, be they savoury, raw, vegan, vegetarian, healthy or just plain indulgent. I'm also passionate about my home county of Cornwall and try to use as much local produce as possible. Chocolate Log Blog was one of the top five food blogs in Cornwall Today (Jan 2014) and currently ranks as #9 in the UK according to e-buzzing Gastronomy.


Poppy Velosa from ‘Bunny Kitchen’ :
"Now, I’ve discovered what a real quality dehydrator is like. And I am hooked.
It’s so quiet!
It’s elegantly designed with proper drawers instead of clunky stacking shelves.
The trays are large and rectangle.
It comes with two varieties of cleanable insert, perfectly fitting to the inside of the drawers so no fiddling and cutting parchment.
It has so much space (mine has 6 drawers but serious dehydrator enthusiasts can go for the 10 drawer … ) meaning that it is so much more energy efficient as much can be dried at the same time.
It has digital, very simple to use controls and a self timer to switch off after the allocated time so you can leave it on overnight or while you are out without worry (If, like me you have an Economy 7 electricity meter so that electricity is cheaper at night, this is most useful!)
Although large, it’s sleek, rectangular and sturdy design makes storage easy as it can stack and be stacked on in a cupboard or shelf.
It thoroughly and evenly dries foods in the time suggested and has a great guide to drying different foods with it.
It has a proper circulation and airflow which means unlike an oven or a cheaperdehydrator, moisture is forced to leave the machine and thus the food, making long term storage safe and mould free.
It’s extremely affordable for it’s kind of high end machine...To read more Click here."


Poppy Velosa is the writer of Bunny Kitchen, a vegan blog ranked in the top 50 UK blogs by the Foodies100 index and has been featured in vegan cookbooks. Poppy is a passionate animal activist and student veterinary nurse with a special interest in natural remedies and works as a part time wildlife care supervisor in a wildlife rehabilitation hospital. Poppy has been vegetarian since she was six years old and believes that vegan food should be simple and delicious and always nourishing and this way it becomes more accessible to everyone. Poppy enjoys developing new recipes, practicing food photography and baking.
Jac Meldrum
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Christine Bailey
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Janice Pattie from ‘Farmersgirl Kitchen’
I have a new toy to play with in the kitchen, it’s a dehydrator made by those clever Froothie people.[…] The  Optimum P200 Dehydrator is really easy to use, you just load up the trays, leaving space around each piece of food, set the temperature and time and leave it to do it’s stuff.
You can open the drawers to check how things are going with no ill effects.
You can use the Optimum Dehydrator to make yogurt and also to prove bread! To read more Click Here."


Janice is a well established food blogger from Scotland. Her blog Farmersgirl Kitchen is all about simple home cooked family food with plenty of inspirational recipes. Janice has won several recipe competitions and has also had her recipes published in the Guardian and on Wayfair. During a food tour of Novia Scotia, she received 88,782 Twitter impressions in 7 days


The Botanical Kichen
"Dehydrators gently preserve the nutrients and flavours in food by low temperature drying. Because ingredients are dehydrated without cooking they leave enzymes and vitamins intact and the flavour also becomes more concentrated and intense.[…] It’s actually very quiet.  It sounds like a gentle extractor fan so when you’re cooking other things you can’t really notice it.[…] The more I researched the more I got excited about having this machine.[…]  I really didn’t think I’d like it but I’m becoming addicted! To read more Click here."


I have two gorgeous girls at secondary school.  A husband who has just changed career paths, a lovely job in “marketing” and a little cafe in my local library – so there’s a lot going on ALL the time in my life! Baking is my escape from everything.  With a glass of red wine in hand, and a shelf full of cookery books I embark on baking adventures most evenings (after Eastenders of course!).  So that explains the baking part of this blog and all the baking related events and activities I’m getting involved in.
Jac Meldrum
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Christine Bailey
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Cathy White From “Planet Veggie”
"The dehydrator also comes with 2 x non-stick reusable meshes for placing on top or underneath the fruit and veg being dried, and 2 x non-stick reusable plastic sheets for fruit leathers/roll-ups, cookies and crackers, etc., along with a brush to clean the meshes and sheets with. Since receiving my dehydrator, I’ve made tofu jerky and mushroom jerky in it, which have both been amazing and only take a few hours.
I’m Cathy White – welcome to Planet Veggie.To read more Click Here."


I’m Cathy White – welcome to Planet Veggie.
I’m not going to pretend I’m a professional cook – I’m not; I’m a home cook and on this blog, I’ll be posting recipes that are tried and tested. Anything I post on here, I’m happy to recommend and if you do try something I’ve posted and you liked it, please leave a comment letting me know – I love to hear from my readers.


Kathy Pane
The Froothie dehydrator was easy to programme and we’re away.
The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was. Of course, it makes a noise – it’s fanning your food dry – but it was slightly quieter than I’m used to.
I also think the drawers fit more tightly, so more of the warm air stays inside the machine.  The bread and almonds certainly dried quicker than in my previous machine, which is good news for energy efficiency.
AND it costs about the same price as my previous smaller one.
I am sold.  I LOVE it. 
It’s big thumbs up from me Froothie… Click here."


I am fascinated by the power of food, lifestyle choices and natural therapies and started studying – long and hard. And I’m a Women’s Health Coach.I provide FREE online tips and support for women, who want to improve their hormonal health or fertility or just need more oomph.I also work in an online class or “programme” format, teaching you to help yourself tackle your hormonal health or fertility issues.
Jac Meldrum
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Christine Bailey
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April-Tui from “The balanced Vegan”
LOOK:With a similar look to the excalibur, the Optimum P200 is a sleeker machine that is narrower and a little easier to find room for than the excalibur, which does look a little bulky in comparison. It’s light and easy to move around, if you want to store it out of the way when not in use.
NOISE:This is where the Optimum P200 absolutely knocks the Excalibur out of the park. There is no comparison, one is irritatingly noisy and one is not.[…] The Optimum P200  runs like a dream with minimal noise disturbance, it sits in our open plan kitchen and living area without annoying the heck out of me! This is Froothie’s biggest advantage with their new dehydrators and makes it the better machine for us.To read more Click Here."


Born in New Zealand, I have been living in London for the past 14 years with my daughter Ruby and husband Liam, who both contribute to my blog occasionally. I have a Diploma in Nutrition and the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate through Cornell University and the T Colin Campbell Centre for Nutrition Studies. While I am a keen student, spending a lot of time researching, reading and studying as much as I can about health and fitness, my goal is to simplify what I have learnt to help ordinary people live a more natural, balanced and healthy life.


Alison Murray from “Om Nom Ally”
Making your own dried fruit and raw foods is a delicious and cost-effective way of preserving your own grub – that’s why I’ve fallen in love with my Optimum P200 dehydrator (and thus, fallen in love with dehydrating all over again).  Having already owned a Optimum 9200 blender and Optimum 400 slow-juicer, so I knew the kind of quality I was up for, yet even I was surprised by just how amazing this machine is. […]This machine is practically foolproof in getting you from drying novice to dehydrating master! The dehydrating trays are large and widely spaced, to accommodate both a large amount of food on each tray as well as items of a larger height. This aspect really appeals to me as I’m always having to remove or rearrange the trays from my previous dehydrator for different types of foods and products. To read more Click here."


My name is Ally, it's awesome to meet you! I'm a Real Food Blogger, Spiritual Healer and Naturopathic Student from Melbourne, Victoria.
Passionate about naturopathic medicine and natural living, I love creating Real Food recipes that give you Unreal Health benefits!


Om Nom Ally
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