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Optimum Food Dehyrator P200 Reviews


Review for Optimum P200 DEHYDRATOR
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Om Nom Ally
“Making your own dried fruit and raw foods is a delicious and cost-effective way of preserving your own grub – that’s why I’ve fallen in love with my Optimum P200 dehydrator (and thus, fallen in love with dehydrating all over again). A house full of dried nibblies is a very happy hours! There’s plenty of different options on the market in terms of dehydrators, ranging from the cheap-and-cheerful round tray dehydrators sold in department stores, to the popular-yet-expensive Excalibur models (which I also own)… This machine is practically foolproof in getting you from drying novice to dehydrating master!”


A Real Food Blogger, Spiritual Healer and Naturopathic Student from Melbourne, Victoria.




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