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"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

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Vibrofit Vibration Plates
Vortex Blenders
Cold Press Juicers
Optimum Dehydrators
Optimum Sous Vide
Optimum Induction Pressure-Cook Pro Multi Cooker
Optimum Air Fryer
20-in-in Multifunction Cooker
Electric Mandoline Slicer
Commercial Blenders
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Froothie Australia

Proud distributors of the Optimum range of appliances in Australia.

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  • Collection and Distibution Points:
    Vermont, VIC 3133
    Eagle Farm, QLD 4011
    Gnangara WA 6077
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  • Phone : 1300 309 900
    Direct : +61 3 8609 2210
    Fax : +61 3 8677 9555
  •         ABN : 17 149 490 602