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NEW Juisir, a juicer that doesn’t need cleaning!
"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.



RRP : $110


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Includes Return Postage!
  • 8 Different Blades & Inserts
  • User Manual
Motor: DC
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 30W
Weight: 2.6kg
Dimensions: 37x12x20.5cm
Feeding Chute Dimensions: Large (80mm); Medium (60mm); Small (40mm)
Max. Continuous Use Duration: 30 minutes


Food preparation can be a pain even if you have amazing knife skills and cut perfectly even slices every time. It takes up time and effort and countertop space, which usually leaves you in a mess so you need to constantly clean and organise as you cook. With the Electric Mandoline Slicer, all you need to do is drop your ingredients into the feeding chute and the ingredients are magically sliced to perfection, collecting neatly in the container at the base so there is absolutely no fuss or mess throughout your food preparation, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food.


Shredded cabbage, julienne carrots, thinly sliced apples, grated cheese – any type of slice or cut you need for your salad, the Electric Mandoline Slicer does it for you in seconds. Your salad would turn out so magnificent you can’t bear to dig in right away!


Homemade fries is always tricky to get right. Uneven slices makes cooking time difficult to gauge and you end up with different textured fries instead of a crispy outer layer encasing the fluffy potato goodness. With the Electric Mandoline Slicer’s French Fries Blade, you will have perfectly cut potato sticks in no time to set yourself up for immaculately cooked fries every time.


With the Electric Mandoline Slicer, you won’t need an additional blender to make your purees – that’s one less thing to clean up! The Puree Blade helps you achieve perfect sauces and dips without having to switch to another equipment, while the built-in container ensures the puree is collected with no spills or mess.

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  • Description

    Do you wish you had the knife skills of a Master Chef so cooking would be so much quicker and much less dreadful? With the Optimum Electric Mandoline Slicer, you do not need fancy knife skills or high-end kitchen equipment to make food preparation less of a nightmare.

    The Electric Mandoline Slicer comes with 8 different blades and inserts so you can slice, julienne, shred, grate, shave, puree and even make perfectly sized French fries in just a matter of seconds!

  • Why Electric Mandoline Slicer

    Want to opt for a healthy salad or include more vegetables in your diet but slicing, cutting and chopping just puts you off? With the Optimum Electric Mandoline Slicer, all you need to do is attach your preferred blade, feed your ingredients into the feeding chute and watch as it slices your ingredients perfectly!

    The versatile and multi-tasking ability of the Electric Mandoline Slicer provides the control and consistency of a manual slicer with the efficiency and convenience of an electric food processor. The powerful 220V DC motor moves the blade inserts back and forth to produce uniformly sliced fruits, vegetables and other ingredients.

    The 8 blades & inserts allow you to choose between a thick slicer, thin slicer, shredder, grater/shaver, thick julienne blade, fine julienne blade, puree blade and even a French Fries blade. Be it whipping up a quick salad, afternoon snack, cosy family dinner or a full blown Christmas Meal, the Electric Mandoline Slicer is going to be your go-to life-saver in the kitchen, reducing food preparation time by more than half!

  • Our Promise

    Your relationship with us does not end with your purchase of the Electric Mandoline Slicer. Albeit designed to be simple to use, the Electric Mandoline Slicer is a sophisticated equipment you would want ongoing support and advice for, to help you make the most of it. That is why we make sure our Froothie support team is only ever a phone call or email away.

    In addition, as we mentioned above, you can benefit from our unique, guaranteed, one-month free trial. If you are not satisfied with your Electric Mandoline Slicer, just let us know within 30 days of receiving it and we will give you a full, unconditional, no-questions-asked refund; and organise and pay to ship it back to Optimum® for you.

  • Summary

    Make cooking a breeze with the Optimum Electric Mandoline Slicer, designed to help you reduce food preparation time to a minimum, making cooking and meal times full of fun and enjoyment instead of being a chore you dread. The 8-in-1 Electric Mandoline Slicer ensures your ingredients are sliced uniformly, so your ingredients cook evenly to result in better taste and texture. Be it slice, julienne, shred, shave, grate and even puree, there is nothing the Electric Mandoline Slicer cannot accomplish. There is even a dedicated French Fries Blade insert to help you achieve evenly sliced potatoes for the perfect delectable homemade snack. The Electric Mandoline is the dream kitchen assistant in any kitchen that would make tedious food preparation a matter of the past.

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