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Optimum Thermocook FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about Optimum thermocook.

  • How Do I clean my Optimum ThermoCook?

    It is recommended to clean the Optimum ThermoCook and its components and accessories thoroughly before the first use and after every use. All non-electrical components are dishwasher safe. The bowl and the lid are not dishwasher safe. Below are recommended cleaning instructions:

  • Is the ThermoCook comparable to the Thermomix?

    When compared to other reputable brands, such as Thermomix, the Optimum ThermoCook is an affordable appliance that offers exceptional quality and performance. Due to the sophistication of cooking machines, such as Thermocook and Thermomix, cost-cutting is risky and cheaper machines are very likely to fail within a short period of time.

    Overall the quality of the Optimum ThermoCook and the Thermomix are very high, both being reliable, durable appliances. Here are the major differences are:

    Optimum© is a brand renowned for quality across all products, supported by thousands of reviews and testimonials on various websites in over 30 different countries. A full comparison between the ThermoCook and Thermomix can be found at http://www.froothie.com.au/thermomix-vs-optimum-thermocook.
  • Why there are two steamers? Can I use them at the same time if there is only one lid?

    The Optimum ThermoCook includes two steamers, a lower 2.5L steamer and an upper 3L steamer with a lid. This allows multiple different ingredients to be steamed at once. Position the firmer more dense ingredients on the lower level steamer, closest to the boiling water and the ingredients that take less time to steam on the upper level.

  • What is the smaller basket that sits inside the jug?

    The smaller basket inside the jug is the cooking basket, which serves many functions:

  • I already have an (Optimum) blender, with which I can blend, grind, mix, knead and even heat. Why should I buy a ThermoCook? Which appliance does these functions better?

    The Optimum blenders are faster than the ThermoCook, but the blenders do not offer the capacity to perform nearly as many functions as the ThermoCook. The ThermoCook can be used for slow cooking, cooking, sautéing, stirring, steaming, boiling and stewing. The ThermoCook also offers the convenience of pre-set functions as well as a DIY function.

  • What do the buttons on the machine mean?

    The Speed Buttonis used to adjust the operating speed.

    The Temperature Button is used to adjust the temperature.

    The Heat Power Buttonis used to adjust the temperature. When used, the heat power setting will automatically change to the default heating power for that temperature level.

    The DIY Program Buttonsare three programmes that record custom settings for future use.

    The Pulse Function allows you to chop and mix ingredients at maximum speed. The Menu Button accesses any of the 15 auto programmes.
  • What are the pre-set programmes?

    Although the settings for some auto programmes are not adjustable, many can be adjusted to suit your needs. The table below outlines which settings you can adjust for each programme.

  • There is an open lock icon on the screen, what does this mean?

    The open lock icon will appear when the lid is not properly secured. The Optimum ThermoCook will only operate if both the bowl and lid are properly secured. To secure the lid, turn it clockwise until it clicks into place. When the bowl and lid are properly secured, the icon will change to a closed lock.

  • I am experiencing an error code with my Optimum ThermoCook, what does that mean?

    The table below explains the Optimum ThermoCook error codes and solutions.

    There is a strange smell coming from my Optimum ThermoCook. What is this?

    Lubricants used in the manufacturing process are curing and over the next 1-3 months, depending on frequency of use, the smell should disperse.

  • My Optimum ThermoCook won’t turn on. How do I fix this?

    There is an on/off switch located on the back of the machine towards the base, ensure this is first switched on prior to use.

  • What are the two different jug attachments (blades)?

    With the Optimum ThermoCook you will receive the cutting blades, as well as the kneading shaft.
    The kneading shaft can be used for kneading or stirring and mixing without cutting the food. Follow the instructions to remove the blade assembly and simply attached the kneading shaft:

    • Do not go above speed level 4 when using the kneading shaft.
    • Food may become stuck between the bowl walls and kneading shaft and the motor may stop for self-protection. Stop operation and use the spatula to unblock and continue operation.

    Important: Please make sure that the fixing bracket and the sealing ring is in place and locked tightly with the kneading bracket. If the sealing ring isn’t well placed, the food being mixed or cooked may leak out and damage the appliance.

  • How do I swap over the blades?

    The blades in the assembly have sharp edges, and are intended for blending, chopping, mincing, ice crushing and grinding functions. The blades can be easily removed for cleaning. Follow the steps below to remove the blade assembly for cleaning:

    • Turn the bowl upside down, and place a tea towel inside it.
    • Turn the fixing bracket anti-clockwise. This will allow the blade assembly to drop down onto the tea towel.
    • To re-insert the blade assembly, ensure that the black sealing ring is in place. Push the blade through the opening of the bowl. Hold it in place with one hand, while positioning the fixing bracket with the other hand. Turn the fixing bracket clockwise and the blade assembly will lock into place.

    • The blades are very sharp. Cover the blade assembly with a tea towel when assembling or removing the blade base.
    • Please make sure that the fixing bracket and the sealing ring are in place and locked tightly with the blade assembly. If the sealing ring is positioned incorrectly, the food inside the bowl may leak out and damage the appliance.

  • What is the measuring cup for?

    Both the Optimum 9200A and the 9400 are commercial, high-speed blenders and can be used domestically or commercially. Both are suited for smoothies, juices, nut butters, hot soups, ice creams, salsas, dips and more.

    The measuring cup serves as a part of the lid and performs three functions:

    • To prevent heat loss during cooking;
    • To keep ingredients from splashing up;
    • To measure ingredients with a full capacity of 100ml.
    To place the measuring cup correctly, insert it into the hole of the lid and turn it. When boiling/stewing, once the mixture starts to boil take the measuring cup out of the jug and place it aside.

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