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Our Latest and Best Model Optimum H3000 Now On Sale - OVER 40% OFF
Optimum H3000
"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time"Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.

OPTIMUM H3000 VS Tribest Juicer – Comparison & Review


H 3000


Below is a factual comparison between the new Optimum H 3000 Whole-Mouth Cold Press Juicer, Optimum's most revolutionary juicer, and the Tribest Juicer.

    OPTIMUM H3000   Tribest Juicer
Watts:   200W less watts means a long-lasting motor!   200W
Noise:   40-60 db Extremely quiet!   Not Advertised
Speed:Slower = Healthier Juice):   70 rpm Slower means better nutrient retention   Not Advertised
Feeding Tube Size:
(Larger = No/Less Chopping Required)
  7.6 cm Bigger tube means more fruit & less prep work   Not Advertised
Juice Tap:   Included   Not Included
Warranty:   Lifetime domestic   10 yrs
Jug Material:   Tritan higher quality   Not Advertised
Continuous Juicing Time:   30 minutes   Not Advertised


No Chopping, No Clogging, Less Cleaning, Better Juice than other Cold Press Juicers.

Optimum H-3000

OPTIMUM H3000 VS Tribest Juicer – Comparison & Review

RRP : $799

Limited Time Sale: $439

THE OPTIMUM H3000 INCLUsions and Features:

  • 7.6cm x 7.6cm feeding chute – the largest feeding chute on the market
  • Ceramic juicing screw
  • Two strainers – juice strainer and ice cream strainer
  • Pulp extractor
  • Two cups - juice cup and pulp cup
  • Pusher
  • Sleek, stylish design featuring the highest quality components
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to expert support team
  • 24x7 support & warranty

Below is a factual comparison between the :

Model   Optimum H3000   Hurom H25 Alpha
Augar design   Horizontal   Vertical
Big mouth feature   Yes   No
Size of chute   7.6cm   N/A
Power   200W   150W
Touchscreen panel   Yes   No

*Horizontal juicer works best for leafy veggies because it has a narrower screen diameter compared to a vertical auger juicer. The narrow screen means less air packets and this means more efficient extraction.

Below is a factual comparison between the :

Model   Optimum H3000   Kuvings B6000
Augar design   Horizontal   Vertical
Big mouth feature   Yes   No
Size of chute   7.6cm   7.5cm
Power   200W   240W
Touchscreen panel   Yes   No

*Horizontal juicer works best for leafy veggies because it has a narrower screen diameter compared to a vertical auger juicer. The narrow screen means less air packets and this means more efficient extraction.

Below is a factual comparison between the :

Model   Optimum H3000   Omega 8226
Big mouth feature   Yes   No
Size of chute   7.6cm   4cm
RPM(lower=better)   70   80
Power   200W   150W
Touchscreen panel   Yes   No
Augar design   Horizontal   Horizontal

Below is a factual comparison between the :

Model   Optimum H3000   Oscar DA-1200
Big mouth feature   Yes   No
Size of chute   7.6cm   4cm
RPM(lower=better)   70   63-75
Power   200W   200W
Touchscreen panel   Yes   No
Augar design   Horizontal   Horizontal
Optimum H3000
Power: 200W
Voltage: 210-220v
Frequenzy: 50Hz
RPM (lower=better): 70
Intelligent reverse function: Yes
Touchscreen panel: Yes
Size of chute: 7.6cm
Continuous Juicing Time:: 20 min
Warranty: Lifetime domestic
Product Weight: 3.5kg
Product Dimensions: H32cm x L31cm x W25cm

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Create nutritious cold-press juices, healthy sorbet, dairy-free nut milks and much more

HARD FRUITS e.g. apples
Optimum H-3000
SOFT FRUITS e.g. watermelon
Optimum H-3000
Optimum H-3000
Optimum H-3000
Optimum H-3000

Other functions

Optimum H-3000
Optimum H-3000
Optimum H-3000
Optimum H-3000

Better Quality Juice

The slow speed of the Optimum slow juicers leads to better quality, tastier and larger amount of juice, and less cleaning!

  • Optimum 400 vs Optimum 600

  • Optimum H 3000 Intro Clip



This is the highlight of the Optimum H3000 Masticating Cold Press Juicer. We all hate food preparation, and finally, a slow juicer is available which can juice whole apples, oranges and more without having to chop into pieces. A revolutionary improvement on the concept of slow juicing.

  • Introduction

    Optimum is proud to present the first-of-its-kind Big Mouth Cold Press Horizontal Juicer. Like its vertical juicer predecessor, the bigger feeding chute enables you to save the hassle in food preparation, juicing whole fruits in an easy, quiet (less than 64dB) and nutritious way with its sleek touch panel controls.

    The Optimum H3000 is also extremely easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, using our specially designed cleaning brush provided. We have also included a drying shelf so you can dry your juicer more efficiently for its next use.

    Its high quality ceramic juicing screw ensures you get the maximum juices out of the toughest ingredients, while our strainer is made of the most durable stainless steel and PC to ensure you get the best juicing results every time.

    With the Optimum H3000, you will enjoy all the amazing nutrients fresh from your ingredients and taste the pure goodness of the healthiest juices right at home

  • Powerhouse for juicing greens

    Horizontal juicers work best for leafy vegetables as they usually have a narrower strainer, diminishing the occurrence of air pockets when juicing to provide an even more efficient extraction.

    Another key feature which allows you to extract more juice through a horizontal juicer is its adjustable end cap. The end cap places greater backpressure on the pulp than traditional juicers, enabling the horizontal juicer to be up to 12% - 15% more efficient in juicing greens.

    If you want to juice wheatgrass (an extremely nutritious but notoriously tough ingredient to juice), a horizontal juicer would be the perfect choice as it does not tend to foam and allows you to extract the maximum juices.

  • Extracts maximum nutrients, enzymes & juices
    Optimum H-3000

    Traditional centrifugal juicers tear through and shred ingredients, making them great for harder and denser ingredients, but ineffective at juicing leafy greens. The centrifugal juicer’s spinning disc often spins at high speeds, generating heat during the process which lowers the quality of the juice and results in separation, losing the important nutrients and enzymes to the pulp.

    Horizontal juicers on the other hand, are the first cold press or masticating juicers specially designed to extract the maximum nutrients, enzymes and juices out of greens and fruits. They rotate at much slower speeds to crush and squeeze ingredients, producing virtually no heat throughout the process. This produces the highest quality juices where no separation occurs and the maximum juices and nutrients are extracted to ensure you end up with a drier pulp. What’s more, they are also easy to clean and can double up as a multi-purpose food processor.

  • Why green juicing is necessary

    Ensure Maximum Nutrient Absorption

    Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from vegetables. Most of us have an impaired digestion from making less-than-optimal food choices over the years, limiting our body's ability to absorb all the nutrients from eating vegetables whole. Juicing helps to ‘pre-digest’ them for you, so you will receive most of the nutrition, rather than having it pass out of your system as waste.

    Promote Weight Loss

    Studies have shown adults who drank at least 240ml of vegetable juice as part of their daily diet lost almost 2kg over 12 weeks, while those who followed the same diet but did not drink the green juice lost only less than 500g. Adults who have been juicing also significantly increased their intake of vitamin C and potassium, and decreased their overall carbohydrate intake.

    Increase Variety of Phytonutrients Intake

    Many people are guilty of only eating the same vegetables, increasing the chances of developing an allergy to a certain food, while limiting the types of phytochemicals in your diet. Each vegetable has its own unique benefits. With juicing, you can ingest a wide variety of vegetables, including those you may not enjoy eating whole.

    Support Brain Health

    According to the Kame Project, people who drank green juices more than three times per week were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than people who juice less than once a week.

    Increase Daily Vegetable Intake

    Juicing allows you to consume more vegetables in an efficient way. Few manage the recommended daily intake of 6-8 servings of vegetables and fruits. Juicing is the easiest way to guarantee you achieve your target vegetable intake daily.

    Increase Energy

    When your body is in abundance of the nutrients it requires and maintains an optimally balanced pH, you feel energised. Since juicing allows your body to absorb the nutrients almost instantaneously, people who juice regularly have described feeling the ‘kick’ of energy almost immediately after consuming their green juices.

    Boost Immune System

    Green juice can help revitalise your body through supercharging your body with concentrated phytochemicals and increasing your biophotonic energy – responsible for regulating our appetite, immunity, energy, mood, sleep, libido and digestion.

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Optimum 600
    Optimum 600
    Optimum 600
  • Part V : BABY FOOD
    Optimum 600
  • Juicing Leafy Greens by Natural Juice Junkie
    Optimum 600
  • Juicing Sweet Potato Pie
    Optimum 600
  • Juicing A Ginger Slammer By the Natural Juice Junkie
    Optimum 600
  • Watch the Natural Juice Junkie discovering the Optimum 600 Juicer - thumbs up!!!
    Optimum 600
  • Nut Milk with the Optimum 600
    Optimum 600
  • The Crafty Larder Apple salad Juice
    Optimum 600

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